Our Relationships

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"Relationships among The Global British School students are of vital importance, as are those between students and staff, and between parents and staff. Human beings thrive on interaction with others, and digital learning provides a unique, supportive, and safe way to enjoy healthy relationships for all."

From the very first time we meet your child, our priority is to make them feel safe, cared for and ready to achieve their very best. Whether they are shy, extrovert, confident or unsure, TGBS recognises the different personalities and stages of development through which young people progress. This is why we have a Welcome Process in which every child is encouraged to know that they are unique, valued and coming into a school where they will be recognised as an individual.

Through our multi-level approach to tuition, each child learns to operate within a number of relationships, each of which will have its own flavour:

Me and My Teacher

“Online technology enables my teachers to teach the whole class at the same time, but also to switch instantly to speak one-to-one to me if I need individual help. This one-to-one conversation cannot be heard by other children; no-one even knows who the teacher is talking to, unlike a physical classroom where sometimes I might be nervous about asking questions in front of others. Of course, there is also the chat function which also allows me and my teacher to have written conversations without anyone else listening in. This builds my confidence, and makes it easy for my teacher to give me an extra challenge or extra help.”

Me and my parents

“I love the Ask At Home homeworks when I have to get answers to questions from the people I live with. It helps everyone to know what I am learning, but also helps me to know what my family think about certain issues. Because we come from different cultures, TGBS wants our families to have a big say in topics such as religion, morality, behaviour and culture. It is good for me to hear about other children’s beliefs, but TGBS says it is very important for me also to know and appreciate my family’s teaching on these important parts of life.”

Me and my classmates

“Meeting other children from different places is exciting. It means we can learn about each other’s lives face-to-face, instead of just reading about different cultures and countries in a book. Sometimes, we work as a whole class and sometimes we work in pairs or in small groups, which means I make special close friends as well.”

“Just Me”

“I understand that the people around me at home, school and in my neighbourhood can help me a lot in my studies. However, I also know that there are times when I have to be able to do things by myself and for myself. TGBS helps me to learn how to do this well, how to look for and find information, how to work out if it is accurate and trustworthy, and how to complete tasks by myself. I may not always get things right first time, but my independent work shows my teachers exactly what I can do and where I need help. “Just Me” work really shows me how much I am learning and helps me to gradually start standing on my own two feet – which I will have to do when I am older anyway”


Children have all sorts of personalities and TGBS wants to celebrate those personalities, not change them or constrict them. However, not all children have a natural confidence to be themselves, and that is what we want them to develop.

There is no harm in being quiet or extrovert; TGBS just teaches children how to believe in themselves, to know how and when to express themselves appropriately, and to feel safe and confident in who they are.

Everyone matters at TGBS; everyone is of equal value but with different abilities and personalities, and we are determined to make sure that everyone grows into the unique person whom they all have the potential to become. And to do this, we need the help of every child’s parent or carer.

School and Home

Safe and transparent communications Through our protected email systems, all email communications between teachers and children, and between teachers and parents, are made only on the TGBS email platform. All emails are therefore captured and safely stored, so that school leaders can oversee those communications and ensure that all is well.

All Chat conversations are also recorded, for the same reasons.

Parents are also automatically copied into every email communication between the teacher and their child, to ensure that work is being done and that all staff-to-student conversations are professional, respectful and transparent.

Staff are not permitted to send any communication to children or parents through any means other than the TGBS email system. Security features will be present in these communications where necessary in order that you know the message is from us and not someone pretending to be us.

All face-to-face discussions will also be conducted over interactive video-link software, and recorded and stored within the TGBS platform. We do not communicate by any other means such as social media, phone calls or personal email, so that a proper record of all communications can be kept.

There will be a Home School Contract for all parents to sign and submit with their first fee payment, with all of the detail concerning our responsibilities and promises to you, and your similar commitments to TGBS, all that your children can receive the very best from home and school alike.