Awards and Celebrations

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While every human being is of infinite value, we are not all of equal abilities. Not everyone can be top of the class, but TGBS encourages all of our children to strive to be the best that they can be.

Everyone can put in their personal best effort, whether this be into an academic subject, a sport, playing a musical instrument, artwork, enterprise, technical handiwork, social action or charitable fund-raising.

Some of us can also achieve excellence in these things, coming top in an examination, winning a competition, having a poem published or being recognised in the community through some honour or prize.

At TGBS, we encourage our young people to challenge themselves, to try new things, to strive for excellence, to work in teams, and to see value in the efforts and contributions of everyone, not just ourselves. We want our students to be humble when they are victorious, and generous in praise when others achieve great things.

Therefore, we have a wide variety of ways through which to bring forward and celebrate the value in everyone.



We will recognise those in each class who excel in their academic assessments, as well as those who make consistent effort in their studies and the greatest improvements since their last set of exams. We will make awards at the Annual Speech Day and Prizegiving.
We also reward acts of kindness and care, and those who show leadership, perseverance and respect during group and team activities.


Children will be able to win Group Awards within specific group activities during lessons and after school.
They will also be able to contribute House Points to The House Competition through a wide variety of challenges, competitions and activities throughout the year as they battle for the House Cup.


We applaud the achievements of students in non-competitive activities as well, by featuring their work in our Art Gallery, Writer’s Corner, Shows of Talent and Yearbook, as well as in Assemblies, Festive Celebrations and Annual Speech Day.

There are no limits on the number of Awards that any individual can earn. They are separate from the Bursary and Scholarship Programmes, outlined elsewhere, and have no monetary value.